Best Ideas

  • The law is not guilty; the problem is in the implementation of the law, in the enforcement of the law.
  • Popular perception is that spotlight by media in a case can help matters, and in certain cases that is true.
  • Having debates on TV about an offence is not wrong, but the problem lies in the kind of debate it is, in particular the dogma behind the views expressed.
  • Speech on the Internet is not a special category; there is no reason why it should get greater protection. The same law should be applied as everything else.
  • Good initiatives happen despite the system. There should be a way to turn individual initiative into collective action.
  • Financial corruption in the judiciary is a terrible blemish, but the real issue is intellectual corruption-lack of integrity, laziness about hearing cases.

The problem is not in framing (the law) and the solution is not always in reframing. Akhil Sibal

“In an era of headlines and soundbites, 10 minutes is about the level of attention span we have.”“A measured view that deals in greys rather than in black and white is not considered sexy.”
“People want to hear unqualified, unhesitating views that are absolute.”“Any talk of restriction on the Internet is evokes deep outrage and heated emotion. I think the outrage is misplaced.”
“Why should speech on the Internet receive greater protection?”“I am against televised court proceedings. Judges should speak to me when I argue.”
“If there are TV cameras, most judges will not speak their mind. They will be concerned about how it will be projected. That is dangerous.”


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